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Flamenco Benalmadena

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Visit Flamenco Benalmadena and get thrilled with Traditional Flamenco in its truest form!

A certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor.

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Flamenco Benalmadena Awarded Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor

Amazing reviews

Experience the soul of both Traditional and Pure Flamenco.

Flamenco Benalmadena in Costa del Sol is the perfect setting for not only Flamenco fans but both local and international who want to experience Traditional Flamenco.

In Flamenco Benalmadena, the art is original and natural as it comprises of an intimate setting with no special effects or choreography. Flamenco is a living form of art. Flamenco Benalmadena improvise the art of Flamenco in the moment. Just like in Traditional Flamenco, they perform by their heart to bring out the best for everyone.

All the artists and professionals are well trained from the great city of Seville, which is also the birthplace of Flamenco.

Flamenco shows

Relieve yourself through the language of music, which the heart understands the most, and the art of Flamenco.

Get entertained with one of the most authentic & extricate cultures from anywhere.

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Everyone is unique in a special way, therefore we have adopted classes to suit all categories of persons. Relax, because we will help you discover your own style from an early stage, through feeling the rhythm and spirit of Flamenco.

For advanced in Flamenco dancers, we will help you to perfect on swiftness, footwork and movement by incorporating your soul in the music.

Contact us directly for a personalised video.

Flamenco classes & workshop

Feel the energizing power of music and dance through your heart and soul, by learning the traditional Flamenco. Flamenco dance classes to free your spirit through art.

“We have been to Benalmádena many times but just discovered this flamenco show! Having seen flamenco in Seville I can honestly say it is completely authentic. A lovely welcoming, relaxing feel to the place, contrasted with the dramatic tension of the flamenco. An unforgettable evening – I would highly recommend!”

 wrote a review Jan 2020 on Tripadvisor

Thank you from Flamenco Benalmadena

Go for this show! We had the most lovely evening at this intimate, warm and welcoming venue to see very talented and passionate performers Jaime and Asahi. To see them and their guitarist up close in this venue was a real treat. They are all tremendously talented and transport you to another place with their passion and intensity. Our 10 year old daughter really enjoyed seeing her first flamenco performance! There was a very friendly and international crowd in attendance that made for great atmosphere. The performers were also very friendly and welcoming.
I suggest booking ahead and getting a reserved front row seat (although there is no bad seat on the house) which came with one free drink. The bar is well stocked and there are also some tapas available.
We are so glad to have found this gem in Benalmádena.

 wrote a review Aug 2019

Muchas Gracias


Would you like to experience the ultimate sensation of the power of nature and music?

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Flamenco Benalmadena is a place like no other, a special haven where one is exposed to true emotion from the heart and feeling of passion that relieves the soul.

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