The best authentic Flamenco show in Benalmadena

The best authentic Flamenco show in Benalmadena

Reasons Why You Should go to Flamenco Benalmadena and Experience Shows of a Lifetime.

Do you want to experience the rich mixed culture of Traditional Flamenco? Then you ought to visit Flamenco Benalmadena.

The type of Flamenco you will experience in their shows is authentic. This original and intimate Flamenco, pioneered by the Gypsies of Andalucia. It involved no special training but was simple basically practiced between family and friends.

It is diversified with culture from Indian and other places around the globe. It against the common stereotype that Flamenco is only Spanish oriented. This international diversity not only applies to music and dance. The Principal Dancer, Asami, is from Japan but has lived in many places around the world. She has been influenced by the cultures. She is full of passion and wild as well when she dances in her own authentic and natural style. Jaime the Singer and dancer. He is from Castilla La Mancha. However, his love for music has moves that bring out the authenticity of Flamenco in its truest form. The talented Guitarists are from Andalusia.

Jaime and Asami have studied Flamenco from famous Gypsy or Traditional Flamenco dancers such as Torombo, Juana Amaya and Hija de la Faraona who is also a Granddaughter from the legendary Flamenco family of Farruco.

After learning from the legends, they resorted to seek out the originality of Flamenco, the simplicity that comes with it and reclaim the authentic culture of the art as it is supposed to be. Apparently, they did not fail in their quest when they decided to set up Flamenco Benalmadena. A place of simple but classy entertainment derived from the purity of art with no special effects or choreography.

Visit Flamenco Benalmadena and get thrilled with Traditional Flamenco in its truest form!

The best authentic Flamenco show in Benalmadena.

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