How To Make Your Bulerías Sound More Lively

Bulerías is one the most popular styles of flamenco. Also is one of the styles that lends itself best for ‘Jaleo’. If you are wondering how you can make your Bulerías sound more lively then you need to learn ‘Jaleo’. This is because doing compás is one thing and another is to the compás with ‘Jaleo’

So, as I have just mentioned, when you do compás in Bulerías, you can make it more lively by doing ‘Jaleo’. But what exactly is ‘Jaleo’? Well ‘Jaleo’ is the shouts you hear when people play flamenco. I am sure you have seen many flamenco performances where you see people shouting words to cheer dancers or guitarists. However, these shouts are not really done randomly, they actually go with the beat and need to be said in the right places within the compás. Words such as ‘Ole’, ‘Agua’, ‘Arza’, are commonly used when doing ‘Jaleo’. As you probably already know, the rhythm in flamenco is very important and this even includes the shouting and cheering (‘Jaleo’).

So now that we know what jaleo is why don’t we try using them. In the following video you can see two patterns that you can learn and try them next time you are playing flamenco:

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  1. Ole!
    Flamenco Benalmadena is a way of life!
    Thank you, Asami and Jaime, watching and hearing you is HAPPINESS, FEELING, HOLIDAY, LIFE!
    A must-have-seen in Benalmadena!!

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