Flamenco Show and Spanish Dinner

Flamenco Show and Spanish Dinner for a Group

Add flavor to your lifestyle by attending Flamenco shows every Saturday at Flamenco Benalmadena. Let the experts help you to ease the tension from life. Go and enjoy your Saturdays in style and realize the magical power of dance, straight from the experienced yet understanding professionals, who will send waves of joy and passion through your soul.

Buy their tickets at Flamenco Benalmadena before the show and get a special discount. Get the privilege of being flooded with kindness because that is the virtue they strongly possess. Be the early bird and get the best of the deal.

At Flamenco Benalmadena, you will witness their originality, simplicity, intimacy and feel the passion of the most authentic Flamenco experience in Spain. You also have the advantage of enjoying the marvelous sceneries of the coastline, sandy beaches and warm waters due to their strategic location in the coastal town of Costa del Sol.

They are always at your service in case you have organized events. You can hire their able services to spread out the cheer. Make the occasion elegant and more heart-warming by bringing in the hypnotizing charm of traditional &authentic Flamenco. You may invite them at your restaurant, bar, private party, wedding or any other special event.

They are also available if you have a group who want an organized event. Anyone sponsoring a party such as a Get-Together, Birthday party or a Christmas party interested in Spanish dinner and Traditional Flamenco show.

They will collaborate with a Spanish Restaurant in Benalmadena to bring you the best taste of traditional Spanish tapas, Spanish wines, and Paella, Cheese, Jamon, Meat, just to mention a few. They can also offer a special menu at the event. Don’t miss a chance to get a taste of The Traditional Spanish culture together with friends or family and create everlasting memories. Pure music and dance are great nourishment not only to your physical body but also your soul. The two can give you all the necessary energy that you need to face the day to day endeavors with great motivation and joy.

Experience the original and natural power of nature through Flamenco at Flamenco Benalmadena. Contact Asami and Jaime directly for information concerning their pricing.

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