Flamenco class in Benalmadena Malaga Costa del Sol

Flamenco class in Benalmadena Malaga Costa del Sol

People are always curious to know how long it can take to learn Flamenco. Many have given up along the way as they seem to encounter a new concept or style each day, Flamenco class in Benalmadena Malaga Costa del Sol

The duration takes to learn Flamenco is not limited. It is more like life itself whereby you come across new lessons every day and learn new skills in the process. A Gypsy dancer from the legendary Farruquito family once said, “The more you learn, the more you feel like you know nothing. “Do not despair in your learning when you encounter new things more often than you expected. You are on the right track!

The most common mistake learners make is comparing themselves with the others which can lead to discouragement. Take your time to learn new skills one step at a time. You cannot be a professional within a blink of an eye. Embrace how far you have come as an individual and use the skills you possess to better yourself. Learn from your own experience.
Flamenco is a way of life and it may change according to your feelings, and circumstances. It is also an art that enables you to express your emotions or feelings which provides mental nourishment. Flamenco is highly diverse and people of all ages adore it. For example, an 85 year old woman once proved to impress at Flamenco festival in Malaga.

At Flamenco Benalmadena, you will have a great opportunity to learn a lot of things. For example,  Jaleo (cheering and clapping), jalearte (cheering yourself up), compas, playing, singing and dancing. All these skills will boost your Flamenco choreography and taste. Check out Asami’s and Jaime’s private classes and workshops.

Flamenco classes in Benalmadena Malaga Costa del Sol

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